Thank you to everyone who voted or ran for a committee role for the 2019 season. This years committee would like to thank everyone who was involved with the club this season, a club would be nothing without its players and volunteers! We are excited to get involved with the upcoming year and we have already started working to make this the best UCHC year yet. The new committee for 2019 is:

President: Tony Zhou

Secretary: Luke Reisma

Treasurer: Jason Hursthouse

Assistant Treasurer: Stacey Potter

Funding Officer: Nick Clark

Elite/Development: Bryce Smith

Equipment/Uniform Manager: Ben Fisher

Coaching Coordinator: Scott Sommer

Senior Manager: Michelle Boyd

Social: Ella Shapland and Oscar McLaren

Social Reps: Michelle Durrant and Alex Bowen

Marketing and Communications: Jamie Sommer

We look forward to this upcoming year with you all and if you have and ideas or questions we would be happy to hear them.


UC Hockey Committee