Fees & Payment

New players to UC Hockey for 2024 will be asked to pay a deposit during the trials period to be considered for a team. This is to ensure that we fill our teams with players that have the intention to be here all season long and understand the cost involved.

Fees are charged at the beginning of each season, once you commit to playing. These fees help cover affiliation fees, turf hire, and equipment, alongside funding from charitable organisations and fundraising. We strive to keep fees as low as possible by sourcing funds externally, allowing more people in Canterbury to enjoy hockey.

The fees vary depending on the team level, as different levels require different equipment and training durations. In 2023 the fees ranged between $400-$500.

Please note all players will have received an email regarding the fees before the start of the season (the first game). If you haven’t heard from us, please email secretary@uchockey.co.nz .

The club has an ongoing project to obtain sponsorship for various events and costs. If you know of a person or business who may be in a position to offer assistance, please contact the President or Treasurer of the club.

The University of Canterbury Hockey Club reserve the right to stop individuals from playing and/or training in the event of non-payment. Email treasurer@uchockey.co.nz for any queries regarding payment.