Our Committee

The UC Hockey Club is run by a volunteer Committee which oversees the organisation of teams, coaches, training, equipment, social events, funding and much more. Assisted by a small number of dedicated people, this group ensures the club is run effectively in pursuit of delivering a quality hockey and club experience to all members.
This requires an extraordinary amount of time input – volunteers are to be congratulated and we’re always looking for more help. If you’re interested in doing your bit, whatever shape or form, please email the club President to find out how you can make your club even better.
The following list gives an overview of current club volunteers, both Committee and otherwise.




Funding Officer

Stacey Potter

Development Coordinator

Bryce Smith

Equipment Manager

Tate Steele

Communications and Marketing

Claudia Crosland

Senior manager

Ella Shapland

Coaching Co-ordinator

Scott Sommer

Umpiring Co-ordinator

Trevor Cray

Social Representative

Oscar McLaren

Social Media

Michelle Durrant

Past Committee’s

  • Made a new constitution
  • New code of conduct
  • New financial policies
  • Club Instagram