The UC Hockey Club fields a range of teams in the adult leagues in Canterbury, catering for a wide range of abilities and commitments. In 2017 we had 18 teams in winter adult open grades, along with offering two summer hockey seasons and Masters men’s teams.

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Premier Men
Division 1 Women
Division 1 Men – “Spartans”
Division 2 Men – “Vikings” & “Trojans”
Division 2 Women – “Amazons”
Division 3 Men – “Nomads” & “Apache”
Division 3 Women – “Athenians”, “Mayans” & “Incas”
Midweek Social Men – “Alumni”, “Romans”, “Celts”, “Mongols” & “Wizards”
Midweek Social Women – “Persians” & “Aztecs”

The club is always looking to build membership, being the largest adult club (by players over 18) and fastest-growing club in Canterbury. Our special focus for 2018 is on developing our top teams to become even more competitive and victorious, and to continue ensuring the provision of a team for every level of player.