Our Teams

 The UC Hockey Club fields a range of teams in the adult leagues in Canterbury, catering for a wide range of abilities and commitments. In 2024 we have 19 teams entered across Saturday, Sunday and Midweek Competitions.

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Saturday Canterbury Premier League Men: Unicorns
Saturday Canterbury Premier League Women
Saturday Division 1 Women: Huns
Saturday Division 1 Men: Spartans
Sunday Super League Premiership (Men): Trojans & Vikings
Sunday Super League Premiership (Women): Amazons
Sunday Super League Championship (Men): Apache & Barbarians & Celts
Sunday Super League Championship (Women): Mayans
Monday Midweek Open Men Division 1: Alumni & Mongols & Wizards
Monday Midweek Open Men Division 2: Romans
Tuesday Midweek Open Women Division 1: Persians
Tuesday Midweek Open Women Divison 2: Aztecs & Athenians
Tuesday Midweek Open Women Division 3: Incas

The club is always looking to build membership, being the largest adult club (by players over 18) and fastest-growing club in Canterbury. Our special focus for 2024 is on developing our top teams to become even more competitive and victorious, and to continue ensuring the provision of a team for every level of player.


Trainings are variable across Monday – Thursday evenings and are determined once teams are selected